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ARTISAN COLLECTIVE WORKSHOPS inside of Be Rosie Salon in Claremont, CA
All of my life, I have always wanted to share my passion and creativity with others who are either on the same path or new to the creative path. I have the honor of working with Anny Vandriel, owner and creator of the brand, Be Rosie Salon in Claremont, CA to bring you, Artisan Collective by Ronnie M.
Be Rosie Salon is an upscale and spacious salon with beautiful natural lighting, crisp white walls, modern style, and appeal offering luxurious hair services including color, style, cut, and much more!
Anny, like myself, began her entrepreneurial journey as Salon owner around the same time this year that I began my entrepreneurial journey as a retail space owner. Together, our minds began to think, and magically, it only felt right to blend both of our passions into one to create a space that could be filled with creativity and love. 
That's where Artisan Collective by Ronnie M came into play. Here, inside of Be Rosie Salon, you will be able to attend live and hands-on workshops with some of the most talented, outgoing makers and artists in the industry. Here, on my website, you will be able to shop and add these classes to your cart as you would normally.
Each Artisan Collective Workshop you attend, not only helps to support a maker but support someone else's passion and love. Unlike other classes, the intention of each class is to come in and not feel secluded or on an island if you think you are "not that creative". Here, I aim to create a space of cohesiveness, love, and encouragement to all who learn new and innovative creative techniques together as one. 
Check out more about Artisan Collective on Instagram and Facebook @artisancollective_ronniem 
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